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Souvenirs from China

As per promise in my previous post, I want to share key learning and takeaways that I got after the wonderful trip to China. And I thought it is worth to write, and hope can share good things with you all.

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Granny’s Footprint

Sunday, 25 February 2018

I was in the gym in Jakarta with my boyfriend, just finished playing pingpong and want to move to basketball court to have another game. Still thinking about our conversation in family whatsapp group and also my lunch discussion with my bf about Granny to have helper, since last few days Granny needs to be fed to eat and to be bathed. My mom said please pray so we can have good helper as you know, nowdays it is difficult to find a good one. My bf also talked that Oma is still here by the Grace of God only, in her golden age, 88. Then I saw missed call from my parents and my sister, a whatsapp message told me that Granny is passed away. I remember that I was not shocked, I was just starred at my bf and talked that Oma passed away. And we just directly went to the shower to go back home to Bandung by shuttle.

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Trip to Huangshan Mountain … on Winter!


This is my first post on new year! Yeeayy! 😀 This post will be different with other post since I want to share my experience on conquering (too exaggerate it! But need to be pride of! Hahaha..) China! Including Shanghai, Huangshan, and Beijing. It’s like step by step and my journey which I can make my way home and hopefully can be reference for you guys 🙂

So okay, the first post that I want to share is about Huangshan trip from the start then to come home (which I cannot found any around my research how to go home). It was the most challenging journey. Why? It is not in the city, you barely find English written, the people cannot speak English, even a little. But yeah, thanks to God me and my 2 other friends still go through the 2 nights and a day there. So lets start! 😀

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Life Lesson

Grit, Was and Future

Nearly end of 2017.

Still found only a few things on my page and doesn’t have much progression in posts 😀 but now I’m trying to add one more post to close this year with my experience related to the book that I just read, Grit : The Power of Passion & Perseverance by Angela Duckworth (Goodreads is my favorite books apps to track your reading. Moreover you can read the books review and save your book wish list in your own shelves! Worth to try it and you can get it for free!)

I finish the reading almost one month ago and it got me on 2 things, remind me how grit I was on certain thing and learn how to be grittier next time.

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Life Lesson

Family in God


So I’m writing again. The intention why I need to write this off because this is regarding the family, the smallest unit that we can have after ourselves. This is the first environment we had as a human. So I believe this will be very useful for me, and I hope for the reader too. I want to remember this thing so I will take a note, since I am not a man, and yet to be a wife, mother and parents.

The preach of this 3 weeks of this month is about family, first week the theme is father, second week is mother, today it is about the parent in God. First thing first we need to know that we are only human and nobody perfect, so we need Him to understand. I will summarize the points that I got.

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Love and Learn


Been a while after my last post. I’m very grateful that today I’m writing it in other country, Singapore. God is too good, He surely can open the door for any impossibilities, that’s why as a Christian you will always that thing call “Hope”.

Today I want to share about love and learn. I’m not an expert on Love but things that I am, again, grateful of is I want to learn. So, love and learn I think is 2 thing that is very linking with.

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Life Lesson

Jerusalem? Or Judea? I am right!!

This is a funny story. Very funny. But I think we can take it as a life lesson for us. Especially in the racism conflict in my country or the world, this story might be applied. 🙂

So I am grateful to be one of Sunday School Teacher. Last Sunday was Christmas day, and I taught children which is around 6-10 years old. They are awesome, energetic, and enthusiastic. We told them that today we won’t told the story as usual, but they will be separate into some groups and doing drama per section following Christmas story that they already heard it for a years.

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What This Year’s Christmas means to Me

Hello guys!

Time flies very fast, even I didn’t realize that now already days ahead entering the new year, 2017. Well, people might be busy with the holiday festive and beside that most of us might do resolution and looking back the past year. Both for reflection and grateful of what Lord has done for us. For me, my saying & my prayer won’t be enough to say God is good and be grateful. A lot of things has happened in the past year. Even my life changing, moving company. And for the country and for the world it is also more than that. A lot of things has happened, good and bad. But one thing I believe is everything happen with God’s involved.

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Life Lesson

Relationship Piece of Advice

Dear, all! Greetings from Indonesia, which is in the state of holiday this week 🙂 I think in no other country even in the South East Asia Pacific has a long and crowded (maybe just in my hometown) holiday.

Well, this post is intended to my friend who will go married in less than one year. Maybe I have no right to speak about this as I’m too young and have not experience yet. I just want to share as I already seen a lot of experiences that other people have and also my thought and believe. And I think this is also applied in relationship with other people.

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Life Lesson

Thank You Letter

Hello,all! To the point, I want to take this time with this post to send my thank you notes to my colleagues, my precious colleagues in this 1 year and 10 months. First, I want to apologize if in this posts I am looks like have intention to offense anybody, there will never across my mind to hurt anybody feelings, but I just want to show my sincere feeling. And maybe this is too emotional :), but only with this way I can show what actually inside my heart. I hope one day they can read this notes so they can know that they are some part in someone life and can be their strength to inspire more that they can be now to other people 🙂

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